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Veyllo Labs Brand Guidelines

About Veyllo Labs

The "Veyllo" name, Veyllo Labs logo, and other Veyllo Labs trademarks are the property of Veyllo Labs. These guidelines are designed to assist our partners, resellers, clients, developers, consultants, publishers, and any third parties in understanding how to properly utilize and display our trademarks and copyrighted work within their own assets and materials.

Powered by Veyllo Labs Badge

If you're an active Veyllo Labs API customer creating products with our advanced technologies, we encourage you to use our “Powered by Veyllo Labs” badge to signify that our APIs are integral to your product or feature's development.

Outlined badge on dark (preferred)

Outlined badge on light

By using our logos, you agree to our 
Marks usage terms.

Best practices when using our badge

 Please ensure that the outlined badge version is given top priority, and consider using the filled version when legibility may be impacted by backgrounds.

✓ For optimal visibility, please use a badge height of at least 32px.

✓ Ensure there is ample space around the badge, at least equal to the size of the Veyllo Labs logo within the badge.

Do not translate the badge. Translated versions may be provided in the future.

X Do not modify the badge.

Language Usage

When describing your product or company's development with our APIs, use clear language that accurately reflects the use of Veyllo Labs technology (“powered by” is preferred).


 AnalyticsPlus powered by Veyllo Labs 

 DataHub built on Veyllo Labs 


AnalyticsPlus with Veyllo Tech 

DataHub Veyllo Edition 

Models and Technologies

Refer to specific models or technologies by their proper names. Avoid using Veyllo Labs brand in product names to prevent confusion.


 Utilize "powered by Veyllo Labs" for products using multiple technologies. 

 Identify specific technologies: Veyllo -Vision, Veyllo -Sound


Use in product names: VeylloAnalytics 

Misuse technology names: Veyllo VisionPro 

Notifying Users

Make it clear that products resembling Veyllo Labs offerings are independently developed and not affiliated with Veyllo Labs.

Content Attribution

If publishing text or images generated by a Veyllo Labs model, you are not required to attribute. However, if you’d like to, we encourage you to use the language below.


 "Written with Veyllo Labs -Text "

 "Created with Veyllo Labs -Vision"


"Written by Veyllo Labs -Text "

"Created by Veyllo Labs -Vision"

Usage Terms for Trademarks and Logos

The term “Marks” includes anything we use to identify our goods or services, including our names, logos, icons, and design elements. By using Veyllo’s Marks, you agree that we own them and that any goodwill generated by your use benefits us.  Your permission to use our Marks is limited in the following ways:

  • You can only use our Marks as allowed by these brand guidelines

  • The permission we grant is non-exclusive (we can give it to others) and non-transferrable (you cannot give it to others).

  • You should not feature our Marks more prominently than your own company’s name or marks.

  • We may update the guide, and you must follow changes within a reasonable time.

  • We can review your use of our Marks and require changes if needed.

  • We may terminate your permission to use our Marks at any time, and you must stop using them promptly.

Press Releases and Public Mentions

When mentioning our company in your press materials, we ask that you Identify Veyllo Labs as a

leading technology innovation company.

For detailed cases or inquiries, reach out to Veyllo Labs Partner Communications at: 

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